DoorJammer : Lockdown TM

Product Information:

DoorJammer Lockdown is the award-winning and police accredited portable door security device that turns doors into barricades, fast.

Its patented steel design works on almost any inswinging door, even without a lock or handle and installs simply by turning the screw.

Requiring no prior door modification or tools, DoorJammer Lockdown is instantly deployable should a lockdown event occur.

Designed in conjuction with emergency services, it comes equipped with a quick-release lever for immediate removal.

Height: 7.56"
Width: 2.76"
Depth: 3.86"
Weight: 810g
Space required under door: 1/8"


DoorJammer Lockdown
Plush Carry Bag
Spacer Set (4 Heights Included)
Instruction Manual

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