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DoorJammer is the award-winning and police-accredited portable door security device that turns doors into barricades, fast. PAS24 Impact Tested, DoorJammer Lockdown can withstand direct impacts of up to 110 lbs, nearly 50% stronger than a Grade 1 deadbolt (the highest ANSI rating available).

Perfect for: Schools, public buildings, offices.

Works anywhere: Its patented steel design works on almost any in-swinging door, even without a lock or handle and installs simply by turning the screw.

Works instantly: Requiring no prior door modification or tools, DoorJammer Lockdown is instantly deployable should a lockdown event occur.

Remove quickly: Designed in conjunction with emergency services, it comes equipped with a quick-release lever for immediate removal.

Height: 7.56"
Width: 2.76"
Depth: 3.86"
Weight: 1.78 lbs
Space required under door: 1/8"


DoorJammer Lockdown
Plush Carry Bag
Spacer Set (4 Heights Included)
Instruction Manual

Which is right for you? DoorJammer Lockdown
Heavy Duty              
Light Weight              
For Travel              
For Residential Properties              
For Commercial Properties               
PAS24 Impact Tested               


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The Ultimate Classroom Door Security Lockdown Device

In today's world, ensuring the safety and security of students and teachers has become a top priority. In the unfortunate event of an emergency or lockdown, having reliable classroom door barricade devices is essential. DoorJammer offers an innovative solution to enhance classroom security and peace of mind.