Additional Protection for Your Classroom During Lockdown Situations

DoorJammer Lockdown is a heavy-duty security device to turn doors into barricades, fast. Police-accredited and used by schools across the US.

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$49.99 (INC.TAX) Free US Shipping

A Simple Solution for Additional Lockdown Security.

DoorJammer Lockdown is the award-winning and police-accredited portable door security device that turns doors into barricades, fast.

DoorJammer Lockdown Features

Installation is quick and easy - just slide DoorJammer Lockdown firmly under and against the door below where the handle is or would be.


Thanks to a patented system of hinges and angles, force from outside the door is redirected downwards, wedging DoorJammer Lockdown firmly into the ground.

Quick to Deploy

An easy-to-use device that can be installed by anyone and immediately works on any in-swinging door, even without a lock.

Police Certified

DoorJammer Lockdown is police-accredited and proven to protect from unwanted intruders. Every office and school should be equipped with DoorJammer Lockdown.

Which is right for you? DoorJammer Lockdown
Heavy Duty
Light Weight
For Travel
For Residential Properties
For Commercial Properties
PAS24 Impact Tested
Price $29.99 $49.99

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