Door lock hacks

Door lock hacks

Posted by DoorJammer on 21st Jun 2023

Door lock hacks

How do you lock a door without a lock? A simple internet search will reveal some weird and wonderful door locking hacks, but is it really necessary to know how to lock a door with a penny or a sock? We took a look at some interesting door locking suggestions to see how they would compare to the ease and strength of our original DoorJammer.

How to keep a door locked from the inside without a key

We’ve all been there, whether it’s for privacy in the bathroom or security in your hotel room, if there’s no actual lock, how do you keep a door locked from inside?

One way is to wedge a chair under the door handle. In fact, this is how DoorJammer was invented. While on holiday in Mexico, product designer Von Saint discovered the lock was broken on his hotel room door, so he improvised with a chair. To be effective you need to position the chair just right and even then it won’t withstand a strong force. There had to be a better way - and so the original DoorJammer was created.

Door lock hacks - how to lock a door from inside

When searching for the answer to this problem you may come across some interesting suggestions, but are they really effective? And how practical are they in reality?

  • A door wedge - let’s face it, we’ve all used a door wedge. Perhaps more often for propping a door open, but it can just as easily be wedged under a closed door on the inside to prevent someone entering. Small and portable but how secure is it really? It might give you a bit of privacy but if someone is really intent on getting in, a simple wedge is unlikely to hold up from a security point of view.

  • A sock - a simple, quick, easy solution and unless you only packed flip-flops, then it’s most likely you will always have a sock handy. How does it work? Simply stuff your sock under the door. Now you could be forgiven for thinking that by using unwashed socks the smell might keep away any would-be intruders but the intention is that the sock acts as a door wedge. Secure? Again a deterrent but even your thickest woolly hiking socks are unlikely to stand up to extreme force.

  • A fork - who knew? Now this one requires a bit of DIY which involves cutting and bending the fork to create a crude kind of lock. Not exactly a convenient quick fix!
  • A belt - a practical suggestion in that this may well be something you’re wearing, but it will only work if there is a hook on the back of the door and a lever type handle. The belt is looped and tightened between the two so the handle cannot be pushed down. This can work quite well, but it’s use is a bit limited.

  • A penny - wedging pennies between the door and the frame can be very effective in preventing a door from opening. However, if it’s done properly the only way to get out is to remove the door from its hinges! Not the most sensible solution to security.

DoorJammer - A tiny piece of kit for big peace of mind

All these door locking hacks may work in a pinch, but the truth is, we no longer need to know how to lock a door with a penny or a sock. DoorJammer is a more reliable, safer alternative. With its strong quality construction, the patented design of DoorJammer allows it to be used on almost any inward swinging door with or without a lock or handle.

DoorJammer is easy to fit, requires no tools and once in place and tightened down with a simple hand screw, that door will not budge if force is applied outside. Just as easy to remove, simply pull the handle upward and DoorJammer will quickly lift away.

One more bonus is that the original DoorJammer product is just 108mm high and weighs only 210g. So, ditch that pair of socks and pack your DoorJammer when travelling for that extra peace of mind.

DoorJammer - Security wherever you are

  • Travel - Secure your hotel room
  • University - Secure your dorm room
  • Home - Create a safe space in any room
  • Schools - Secure your classroom
  • Commercial Buildings - Secure your office
  • Welfare Officers - Provide security to staff visiting people’s homes

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