DoorJammer For Home Security – Night Latch

Posted by DoorJammer on 21st Jun 2023

DoorJammer For Home Security

DoorJammer – the alternative night latch for home security

As humans we are hardwired to be fearful of what goes bump in the night. As children a well told ghost story can have us peeking under our beds for goblins and ghouls, while as teenagers, a Hollywood movie can have us convinced we can see ghosts lurking in corners and cupboards.

Even as adults we can’t quite drop the feeling of uncertainty that nightfall can bring. With a family to protect and an abundance of valuables scattered throughout our homes it is no longer the mythical that has us on edge, intruders are the adult version of the bogeyman.

In around 28% of burglaries someone is at home, that means 3 in every 10 burglars are brazen enough to risk being caught in the act by their victims. Having someone enter your home uninvited and rifle through your belongings, or sculk around your bedroom while you sleep is a traumatic experience that leaves you distressed and uneasy long after the event.

In 72% of UK burglaries, the burglar will enter through a door and 47% are spur of the moment, unplanned crimes resulting from a criminal noticing a house that appears to be an easy target. Taking extra measures to secure your home at the point of entry when you are locking up for the night can not only reduce the risk of an intruder entering your home but can also provide peace of mind helping you to get restful nights sleep.

3 in every 10 burglaries are committed when somebody is home

DoorJammer, a Secured by Design accredited security product, makes for an excellent night latch, securing the entry way doors in your home from intruders without impacting your own movement around your home. The Secured by Design initiative supports the aim of ‘designing out crime’ from homes and commercial premises. As DoorJammer is a Secured by Design accredited product, you can be sure that crime prevention has been taken into account at every design, layout and construction stage in its creation.

This portable security device fits easily to any inward swinging door, simply position it below the handle between the bottom of the door and the floor and turn the hand screw to tighten. In seconds you have successfully reinforced the entryway door in your home making it impossible to push open from the other side.

Rely on DoorJammer to provide dependable night latch home security. This award-winning and police accredited door security device will not let you down. It has sold more than a third of a million products, won Double Gold and Diamond awards at the British Invention Show, Silver and Finalist awards at the National Hardware Show and International Housewares Association and it has achieved the PAS24 Impact Test Certificate from Winkhaus Laboratories.

Be sure of what you are buying

DoorJammer products are the original security device of their type and while there have been imitation products emerge on to the market following on from our success, DoorJammer is the only one that has achieved the police preferred specification SBD accreditation.

DoorJammer Original for home and personal security

What’s in the box?

  • DoorJammer
  • Plush Carry Bag
  • Foot Accessory
  • Spacer Set
    (4 Heights Included)
  • Instruction Manual

Don’t compromise on:

Secure Fit









DoorJammer Original for home and personal security
DoorJammer Original for home and personal security
DoorJammer Original for home and personal security
DoorJammer Original for home and personal security
DoorJammer Original for home and personal security

DoorJammer - the alternative night latch for home security.
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